Din Tai Fung Pork Chop Fried Rice Recipe


  • One Piece Strawberry Yogurt Fizzy Drink Recipe for Luffy

    August 27, 2023Van

    I’m back with another ONE PIECE recipe for your watch parties! This time, we’re making a special drink for our pirate king Monkey D Luffy. I’m using the Ocean Bomb Luffy Drink as the base, it’s Yogurt Flavored Sparkling Water. You can watch my short recipe video on TikTok You can find the One Piece…

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  • One Piece Straw Hat Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

    August 25, 2023Van

    Straw Hat Rice Krispies Treats, the perfect snack for your ONE PIECE watch party! I’m going to be sharing a few more One Piece themed drink and snack recipes the next few days to celebrate the Nexflix live action premiere on Aug 31st 🏴‍☠️ Watch how I made these on my YouTube Use a small…

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  • How to Make Soft Boiled Quail Eggs

    April 6, 2023Van

    Simple recipe for Soft Boiled Quail Eggs, the egg whites are solid and the centers are perfectly gooey and runny Place them into a bowl of ice water immediately after cooking to prevent them from overcooking Cooling the eggs  first is how you can get perfectly peeled eggs, when they are hot or warm, the…

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  • Cheesy Dumplings Gratin Recipe

    March 8, 2023Van

    Cheesy Dumplings Gratin 🥟 quick and easy recipe made with  frozen dumplings – a unique way to turn frozen dumplings into a completely different + delicious dish!   

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  • Kabocha and Chicken Dumpling Soup Recipe

    November 12, 2022Van

    Kabocha and Chicken Dumpling Soup, a delicious and nourishing soup recipe that’s quick and easy to make using frozen dumplings! Some of the kabocha will dissolve and thicken the soup a little 

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  • Candied Li Hing Mui Star Fruit Recipe

    September 30, 2022Van

    A special treat you never knew you needed to try!! I’m sharing another completely original recipe for Candied Li Hing Mui Star Fruit! Star Fruit is a juicy tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia, they have a similar texture and flavor to pear. Li Hing Mui Powder is a popular condiment in Hawaii often sprinkled on…

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  • Easy 2-Ingredient OREO Cookies ‘n Cream Mooncakes

    September 10, 2022Van

    I can guarantee that this is the easiest (and laziest) recipe for mooncakes – absolutely no baking or cooking involved! These are very untraditional, but they look awesome & taste like cookies n cream cake pops. I have a few other mooncake recipe on my site, just search “mooncake” and you’ll find my snow skin mooncake…

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  • Snow Skin Mooncakes with Sweet Red Bean Filling Recipe

    August 3, 2022Van

    I made these beautiful flower-shaped rice cakes filled with sweet red bean paste for the Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day 七夕).  These rice cakes look complex, but they’re actual simple to make with the help of a mooncake mold. These rice cakes are also known as Snow Skin Mooncakes, so save this recipe to use next…

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  • Baby Yoda Drink Iced Chai Latte with Matcha Cold Foam Recipe

    July 28, 2022Van

    Iced Chai Latte topped with Matcha Cream Cold Foam 🍵 Here’s my copycat of the viral Starbucks drink inspired by Baby Yoda. I used Trader Joe’s Chai Latte Mix to keep it quick and simple, but this is so delicious! For now, enjoy this drink inspired by Grogu while we wait for season 3 of…

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  • Trader Joe’s Hawaiian Ube Butter Mochi Recipe

    June 12, 2022Van

    Butter Mochi is a very popular treat in Hawaii, it’s made with Mochiko (Japanese Sweet Rice Flour) and a few other ingredients typically used to make cake. It’s the perfect example of modern day Hawaiian cuisine (local food) which is a fusion from multiple ethnic groups. I’m going to show you how to make Ube…

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